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What is Whois? Is Whois available for all types of domains?

Whois is a public database that contains relevant information about who registered a given internet domain. Whois is available for most types of domains, such as generic top-level domains (gTLDs), country-code domains (ccTLDs), and domain name system (DNS) infrastructure domains.

How can I search for the Whois of a specific domain?

To access the Whois for a specific domain, you can use our Whois lookup. Just type the domain name into the search box provided by Whoislemon.

What information can be found in the Whois of a domain?

In the Whois of a domain, you can find information such as the name of the owner, contact email address, phone number, details of the domain registrar, date the domain was first registered and expiration date of the domain registration.

What are the main reasons why someone would search the Whois of a domain?

The main reasons why someone would search the Whois of a domain include checking domain availability, obtaining contact information of an owner for legitimate business purposes, identifying possible copyright or trademark violations, and researching information about a domain in case of fraudulent or abusive activities.

Can the owner's information be hidden in the Whois of a domain?

Yes, it is possible to hide the owner's information in the Whois of a domain. Many domain registrars offer privacy services where the owner's personal data is replaced with contact information of the registrar, thus protecting the privacy of the domain owner.

Is Whois a reliable tool to verify the legitimacy of a domain?

Whois is a useful tool to verify the legitimacy of a domain, but it is not infallible. While it provides basic information about a domain owner, it is important to conduct further analysis such as checking the site's reputation and researching possible issues or complaints related to the domain.